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Finance is available on the majority of our stock to help you access your dream leisure vehicle. To help you find out what is possible, our Kimberley advisers will discuss your requirements with you fully, and then give you an example of the terms or a full proposal. We have access to several trusted high street lenders, with Black Horse being our preferred lender, enabling us to give you quick access and fast decisions.

FCA Declaration

Kimberley Caravans is authorised by the FCA with limited Permission to conduct certain credit related activity. 

Status Disclosure

We are a credit broker/Intermediary and can introduce you to a limited number of lenders who provide funding. We may receive commission or other benefits for introducing you to such lenders.

Approved Black Horse finance

Making a large purchase like a caravan or motorhome can be life changing, Black Horse are here to help you through and are the only finance company with a team dedicated to caravan and motorhomes. We’re here to make it easier.

Credit is subject to status and approval and is only available to UK residents aged 18 and over.

Black Horse Finance Eligibility Check


HP Finance

Hire Purchase (HP) is a finance plan that allows you to spread the cost of the caravan or motorhome by making monthly payments over an agreed term. You make fixed monthly payments and when you come to the end of the agreement and you’ve made all the repayments including any interest, you’ll own the caravan or motorhome.

  • You will decide an initial deposit and term.
  • Your deposit is taken from the price of the caravan or motorhome.
  • The remaining balance plus interest is paid in equal monthly repayments over the agreed term.
  • Once you’ve made all the payments including any interest, you will become the owner of the caravan or motorhome.  

You make higher monthly payments than a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) agreement as there is no lump sum final repayment, instead, when you come to the end of the agreement and you’ve made all the repayments including any interest, you’ll own the caravan or motorhome.

This option is available on new and used vehicles.  

PCP Finance

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) can help you to buy a caravan or motorhome with lower monthly repayments than a hire purchase product as a large proportion of the amount you repay is deferred into an optional final repayment. You will pay more interest on a PCP agreement than a HP agreement for the same loan amount, term and APR as your balance reduces more slowly due to the optional final repayment.

You will decide an initial deposit, term and how many miles you’ll travel each year (motorhomes only). Monthly repayments will then be calculated along with the optional final repayment amount, based on the anticipated value of the vehicle at the end of the agreement.

At the end of your agreement, you can choose 3 options:

  • Part exchange the vehicle subject to settlement of your existing finance agreement.
  • Pay the optional final payment to own the vehicle.
  • Return the the vehicle. Fees may apply if the the vehicle is not in a good condition or not within your agreed mileage limits for motorhomes. See our lending partners good condition guides below.

Caravan good condition guide

Motorhome good condition guide

This option is only available on new vehicles.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Both HP and PCP allow you to pay for your caravan or motorhome in monthly payments over an agreed period, with a fixed rate of interest. The key difference is what happens at the end of each contract. With a HP contract, you’ll own the caravan or motorhome after making the final payment. At the end of a PCP contract, you can either hand the caravan or motorhome back to the lender, part exchange it for a new one, or pay the final repayment (including any purchase fee) to keep the caravan or motorhome. New finance agreements are subject to status and affordability checks. If you hand the caravan or motorhome back at the end of a PCP agreement, there may be extra charges if you go over the agreed annual mileage or if the caravan or motorhome has damage over fair wear and tear.

The lump-sum is a one-off optional payment due at the end of your (PCP) finance term, if you decide to keep the caravan or motorhome. This is an estimated value of how much the caravan or motorhome will be worth at the end of a finance agreement (based on your expected mileage and agreement term). The lump sum payment is not applicable if you intend to hand the caravan or motorhome back at the end of the agreement as part of the goods return option.

There’s no lump sum payment on the (HP) finance option, which is why monthly payments are usually higher than with the (PCP) option.

APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate and is the amount of interest on your total borrowed amount that you’ll pay annually (averaged over the full term of the loan). APR’s are typically used when comparing finance options to understand which would be the cheapest option overall.

Rate of interest of the amount of credit per annum, fixed for the duration of the agreement.

Potential fees at the end of your agreement

  • £10 Purchase fee - This is optional, but you must pay it if you want to become the owner of the vehicle. It is included in the Final Repayment.
  • Excess mileage fees - Applicable on PCP only if you choose to return the vehicle at the end of your agreement instead of paying the final lump sum. If you have exceeded the agreed mileage allowance, you will need to pay an excess mileage charge. You can avoid this by agreeing a realistic mileage at the outset. (Applies to motorhomes only)
  • The vehicle must be in good condition, you will be charged for any repairs outside the acceptable fair wear and tear policy if this is not the case. You can avoid these charges by taking good care of the caravan or motorhome.

During your application, we’ll need your personal details, employment details, address history and financial information.

When you apply for finance, there will be a check on your credit profile, and we need your personal details to do this.

When you apply for finance a lender will run a ‘hard credit check’ which leaves a mark on your credit report. Too many hard credit checks over a short period can affect your credit score for 12 months, which could reduce your ability to get approved for credit.

We’ll give you an instant finance decision wherever possible, but sometimes it may take longer. We’ll keep you updated on your application’s progress.

A fully refundable reservation fee of £500 is required for all vehicles, which may be used against your deposit if you wish. We do not set minimum deposit requirements when taking out a finance agreement to fund your purchase.

You can pay off your agreement in full at any time.  Just contact us and we will tell you what you need to pay and by when.  You may even get a rebate of some of your interest.  Where applicable, the interest is calculated up-front and added to the balance at the start of your agreement.  Whilst you pay an equal repayment amount each month, the amount of interest that you pay each month reduces over the life of the agreement so this will impact the level of rebate that you receive.

You have the right to end the agreement early and return the vehicle to us.  If you do this you need to pay us all repayments that have fallen due up to the time of termination.  If at the point that you terminate, the amount you have paid for the vehicle (including the deposit) is less than half the total amount payable for the vehicle you will also need to make an additional payment to bring the amount up to this sum.  You will also need to pay:

  • The outstanding balance less any rebate of charges due for any insurance products/extras and
  • Any charges that may apply If you have not kept the vehicle is good repair or if you have exceeded the agreed maximum mileage allowance.

HP finance is only available on caravans or motorhomes that are 19 years old or less and the caravan or motorhome must be no more than 20 years old at the end of the agreement.  

For PCP the caravan or motorhome must be no more than 61 months old at the end of the agreement.