Our History

Where it began

Starting in the 1970's, Kimberley has grown to be one of the largest caravan and motorhome dealerships in the North East and East Midlands and one of the country’s leading suppliers of Bailey, Coachman, Compass, Swift and Xplore.

The business began life as a small plot of land with a few caravans for sale and with many of the original loyal team it has blossomed into the large successful business it is today with sites based in Nottingham and Darlington.

Our Timeline

Our Timeline

1970's - 1985

The Beginning

Starting in the 1970’s, Michael Lowe, an experienced Caravan Salesman, took to opportunity to rent a small plot on the existing Kimberley site at Nottingham from a car dealership and Kimberley Caravans was born.  He literally did everything himself, sales, PDI, even fitting the occasional tow bar.

In the 1980’s a move to local town Mansfield was the first big step forward, a yard he could call his own with a display of 20 caravans. This included his first new franchise – Bailey.

By 1985, the business was well established and was known locally for its fairness and quality of service. The car dealership in Kimberley came up for sale and taking his second big risk, Michael Lowe moved back to where it all began only this time not as a tenant.